Now accepting applications for 1st-6th grade for the 23-24 school year

Toddler Class

Children are provided a supportive, nurturing environment in which their individual strengths and interests are allowed to develop and flourish. In doing this, we strive to encourage the children’s natural curiosity and set the foundations of a lifelong love of learning.

Toddlers may be enrolled for either full day or half day: two, three, or five days a week in the 9:00 am-12:00 pm session and may stay for Lunch Bunch from Noon-1:00 p.m. In Fall of 2023 we will offer a full day toddler class.

Program Overview

  • The Toddler Program is designed to meet the specific developmental needs of toddlers.

  • The classroom is full of materials to support the development of fine and gross motor skills, practical life skills, language and independence.

  • It also provides ample opportunities to acquire and practice the skills needed to be a member of a community – primarily, respect for the environment, respect for self, and respect for others.

Toddler Tuition for 2022-2023

Toddler Class (18 months by August 31):

ProgramAnnual Tuition12 Payments
Full Day$13,573$1131.08
The teachers!
I have never met a more passionate, caring, dedicated, nurturing and more knowledgeable group of teachers and staff. Every child is loved and respected for their own individual personality, talents, and needs. My children have grown so much - socially, emotionally, and academically - in their time at SMS. They can’t wait to go to school in the morning. They have fostered a love of learning and growth that I hope my children with continue to carry with them for years to come.
Liz Williams - Parent
Letting kids direct their own learning,
experience the power of deep concentration, and feel loved!
Francisco Gallegos - Parent
The amazing teachers. The environment that cultivates curiosity and learning.
I trust my children are being nurtured in a safe and loving way to develop not just a love of learning, but also healthy social skills, healthy creativity, and even healthy habits of movement and nutrition.
Sylvia Laurence - Parent
We love SMS because of its intimate, supportive, and familial setting.
The community is composed of caring, warm, thoughtful, and loving teachers and staff. It is truly a one of a kind educational experience. We love how SMS fosters and encourages the love of self, others, and the environment and how SMS meets the child where they are with an individualized work plan. Above all else, the supportive and collaborative SMS community is the school’s most valuable asset!
Ellie Morales - Parent
The loving community...
...and our shared passion for our children.
Claudia Paden - Parent & Teacher
I love the SMS environment...
... of nurturing, learning, curiosity and care.
Jessamyn Kirkwood - Parent
I love the community of this school.
Community for me is the support I feel as a teacher from my co-workers, the administration and parents. I know how special this is and I am grateful for it every day.
Betty Hastings - Teacher
I love that each staff member is here because they truly respect children and want to do what is best for each individual child.
As teachers I love that we are firmly grounded in the Montessori method, yet recognize the value and implementation of outside strategies and methods in order to best reach each child.
Jessica Feus -Teacher
In all of the schools I have served in, I have never seen an organization where relationships are as strong as they are here.
The care with which teachers approach students, the support that staff provide to one another and the partnership between the school and parents creates a connection that is unique. This is the foundation for the joy that students feel and exude each day!
Patrick Velde - Head of School
At SMS, the people show genuine kindness towards one another.
I see how well the staff listen with open hearts and minds to what others bring to the table. This community works together and supports the children building their independence.
Katie Brackney - Teacher
SMS radiates warmth and embodies a peaceful presence.
In a world of unknowns, the SMS community is consistently nurturing. Salem Montessori offers a philosophically grounded and genuine approach to education and socialization that inspired my Montessori certification and led to my teaching career. Presently, I am at a place of coming full circle as my children attend and thrive in the fellowship of our devoted school community.
Salem Parham - Teacher
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