Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

Salem Montessori School provides a joyful, collaborative learning environment that supports the natural development of the child and honors the desire for independence and innovation.

Core Values

  1. Montessori’s view of the child as independent, intrinsically motivated, and actively learning
  2. A collaborative environment between teachers, children, and their families
  3. Teachers who are sensitive, well-trained, and lifelong learners
  4. An environment prepared for the child that is safe, orderly, beautiful, and mindful of natural resources
  5. Respect for the similarities and differences in people, cultures, and ideas

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Diversity and Belonging at Salem Montessori School

At Salem Montessori School (SMS), we are inspired, humbled, and emboldened by the diversity in our Winston-Salem community and beyond. We acknowledge that fostering belonging in a multicultural school within our city requires dedication, community partnerships, and continuous evolution in both our curriculum and our practices. We have many aspirations and hopes for our SMS community as it pertains to diversity and belonging. Our decision to share here our progress to date and future executable plans is part of our effort to shift the focus to our actions and accountability. This is our vision in action. 

The SMS DE&I committee began meeting in 2022, guided by the expertise of Dr. Berry and Dr. Glass’ Teaching for Justice and Belonging. In March of 2023, Dr. Berry spoke at Home Moravian Church to introduce her teachings on justice and belonging to the SMS community. Based on the teachings in Dr. Berry and Dr. Glass’ book, the DE&I committee is developing a five-year plan to ensure that we empower our staff with continuous training and classroom experiences and materials that reflect our approach to diversity and belonging.

As part of our invitation to the SMS community to join with us in the important work of diversity and belonging, we are committed to sharing with you updates on our progress here. Check back for the latest information or reach out to Catherine Greene if you are interested in learning more about the Salem Montessori School DE&I committee. 

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