Hope you all are doing well! It has been great a first month back with all of your little ones!

To recap on the past month, we began our year by settling the students into the Montessori environment by implementing normalization practices. Normalization, in the Montessori method, is the natural process that children work towards as they learn to focus and concentrate their energy for sustained periods of time, while also finding satisfaction in their work.

In the first few weeks, we introduced them to daily routines, lessons in grace and courtesy, getting acquainted with & building friendships with other students, and to the Montessori materials, in a general way. They were also introduced to lessons in practical life, sensorial material, math, language, arts & crafts, and geography.

During the lessons in practical life, the children were exposed to exercises that helped them practice coordination of movement, build a sense of independence and take on basic societal tasks. In example, they practiced rolling & unrolling mats, spooning (coordinating movement of objects using various spoons), pouring liquids & solids, sweeping, dusting, washing dishes, and self-care (i.e. washing hands) – among various other tasks.

During lessons in sensorial material, the children were exposed to exercises which served to stimulate the five senses, refine the perceived information, and make classifications in his or her environment.

One example of sensorial materials practice was a lesson called ‘Geometric Cabinet’. In this lesson, the children paired different geometric figures with their matching frames. This activity helped the children distinguish various object forms and served to build foundational skills in geometry and writing.

Currently, they are also learning about the Earth, it’s elements and the seven continents.

When learning about the seven continents, we incorporated songs to help them remember – as some of you may have heard at home!

All of the children have been wonderfully learning & making progress in the aforementioned areas at their own individual pace. I will keep you all posted more as the year continues.We hope to have a great year!

Thanks, Ms. Kumudini

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