We hope you have all enjoyed a relaxing and joyful spring break. We are excited to be back together, sharing our spring break stories, and eager to make the most of this last month all together.

Since March, we have released the beautiful butterflies we grew so fond of. The children watched with wonder and experienced many feelings as the butterflies flew away. One child remarked, “I’m sad and I will miss her.” Before they took flight, we were able to notice the tiny hairs on the body of the butterfly and even the glistening scales on the wings. What a remarkable transformation metamorphosis is. The children have completed their interpretation of metamorphosis through a 3D artistic endeavor. The project incorporated many practical skills including: cutting, painting, twisting, writing, and gluing. We can’t wait to share these exquisite  expressions with you.

With the weather warming and becoming more and more pleasant, we have wanted to be outside, so naturally we explored our enchanting outdoor spaces. Our class enjoyed a lovely walk just outside on the Salem College campus. We saw fountains and even found a special walkway that felt as if we were walking through a tunnel of camellias. We encourage you to explore the beautiful campus and grounds of Old Salem with your child. Equally as beautiful, but also appealing to our taste buds, we have been visiting our small yet robust garden attached to our playground. The children love to visit the garden and taste the herbs such as cilantro, mint, and oregano.

Back inside the classroom we are continuing our study of European countries. Most notably, we have recently discussed France, Italy and England. The children have learned about the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame in Paris, France. In learning about England, we have talked about the queen, the red double decker buses, and Big Ben, the great bell clock tower. In exploring Italy, we viewed pictures of and learned about the history of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Ask your child why it leans? Our passports are filling up and we are looking forward to sharing our world travels with you.

Looking ahead, as we sail into our last month together, we will be doing some painting and potting together, exploring the parts of a plant, and learning about the needs of a plant. In connection with the needs of a plant, we will explore the study of weather or meteorology and generally discuss the environment and the many simple ways we can care for our planet.

Thank you again for sharing your bright and brilliant children with us, we are relishing in watching them learn and grow.


Mrs. Parham & Mrs. Kumudini