As the leaves fall and the season of color starts, we are bravely embracing the colder weather and all that it brings! We think of October as the time of year when the school year is officially in full swing. The children are now well settled into their classroom environment, comfortably following classroom routines and confidently taking on lessons.

The daily routine starts by children enjoying about 35 minutes in the playground followed by the lessons in the classroom. Once in the classroom, everyone initially sits in a circle and participates in group activities such as singing songs, listening to stories, and engaging in group class lessons. The children then go on to partake in individual and/or paired learning activities. Each day, a different child is chosen as the class ‘helping hand’, who is tasked with leading the class in various activities.  These activities include, leading the class line from the playground to the classroom, greeting everyone as they enter the classroom, updating the calendar for the class, and helping with snack area preparation, among other tasks. Another child is also picked daily as the class meteorologist, who describes what the day’s weather is like after a quick peek from the window! These types of activities develop leadership, independence and a sense confidence in a child.

Along with all the excitement & colors, the Fall season also brings enjoyable & unique ways to practice sensorial and practical life skills. With fun activities such as pumpkin scrubbing, hammering of golf tees into pumpkins, making tissue paper collage pumpkins, & making Jack-o’-lanterns, the children effectively perform tasks that utilize high levels of concentration & enhance their fine motor skills, which is instrumental in developing writing skills.

Separately, we have also done lessons in exploring the different parts of a tree. We have started a fun little experiment where we geminated beans and are waiting for them to sprout.

In terms of geography, the children are still having lots of fun learning about our place in the world. Building on the continents, we have started learning about the North American continent with regards to its occupying countries and their respective flags & animals.

In terms of the USA, we are learning about things such as the Presidents, the White House, and the flag of United States of America.  Narrowing down, we are currently focusing on the state of North Carolina. The children are learning that the state capital is Raleigh, and the state bird is the cardinal. They are also learning about the flag of North Carolina.

In other news, the children are very much enjoying the new playground!

All in all, October has been a very enjoyable but productive month with lots of learning & improvement. We are very happy with the progress that each child is making.

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world” ~ Maria Montessori