(This is a copy of an email you should have received.  Please contact me if you did not.)

August 2, 2018

Welcome to Salem Montessori School’s Younger Toddler Class!

We are eager to meet you and look forward to forming a partnership with you in caring for your child.  In our classroom we aim to create a home-like environment where your children can explore and learn at their own pace.

Hopefully you have had time to review the email from Karen Wilson about our back to school events beginning with Parent Orientation Thursday August 23 and Sneak Peeks into the Classroom on Friday August 24.   Orientation week for children is August 27-31 and the first day of regular school starts Tuesday September 4, 2018.

During orientation week for toddlers your child will attend half of the morning each day (even if you are enrolled for fewer days).  During this time a caregiver will need to be available to stay in the classroom with your child Monday August 27. Each subsequent day during the week  you, or the caregiver, will leave the classroom for short periods. This process we call a ‘separation environment’ allows the child to acclimate to the new environment.

For school, your child will need soft bottom slippers for the classroom ( eg Robeez, Tiny Star) and a water bottle your child can open independently.  Salem Montessori provides a tote bag for each child and we will put your child’s photo on it for easy recognition. Please bring two sets of extra clothes, including socks, labeled with your child’s name and 8-10 diapers.  Some parents like to bring these items to Parent Orientation night since your hands will be child-free, but it is also fine to bring items the first day of school.

We need two items from you before August 20.  Please email me an upclose photo of your child’s face that will be used to create labels for your child’s tote bag and hooks in the hallway and classroom.  Lastly, as a first step in getting to know you and your child, please complete the following questions and email your responses. In essence we want to know what you believe is important to know in caring for your child.  Thank you for your attention in completing this information.

If you have any questions before Orientation Night please feel free to email me.

In gratitude and peace,

Catherine Greene and Miho Kurosawa

Younger Toddler Questionnaire

1. What are your child’s favorite activities/songs/toys?

2.     What does your family enjoy doing together?

3.      Please share with us any pertinent information about the following areas:

·       Toileting/Diapering

·       Eating Habits/Preferences

·       Sleep Habits

4.      Tell us about your family and other special people in your child’s life.

5.      Does your family have pets?

6.     Are there any languages, other than English, spoken in your home?

7.     Please describe your child’s daily routine.

8.     What developmental milestones is your child experiencing?

9.      Do you have any concerns about your child’s development (i.e. motor, language, social/emotional, behavior)?

10.   Are there any special ways that your child is comforted when he/she is upset?

11.  How does your child handle transitions?

12.  Has your child/family had any major life changes lately or do you have any coming up (i.e. move, new sibling, death in the family)?

13.  In what ways would you most like to see your child grow from his/her Montessori experience?

14.  Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your child?

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