Salem Montessori School encourages families to contribute to tuition to the best of their abilities. Grants will not cover 100% of expenses – all families should be responsible for making some sort of contribution. The granting of tuition assistance is based solely on need. First priority is granted to families who have previously received assistance from the school. Second priority is granted to new applicant families who are committed to a minimum of two-year attendance. Acknowledging that family circumstances change and that the financial resources of our school vary, no family is guaranteed aid indefinitely. Annual application is required.

Once an application for enrollment to SMS has been approved, parents interested in applying for tuition assistance should let the head of school know of their interest and she will provide you with an application. SMS will treat all financial information provided by families as confidential. The head of school will remove the names of applicants and only their financial data will be reviewed by members of a sub-committee of the Board of Directors. Applications should be received by March 1 for the following school year.