From 18 months to six years old, we offer a variety of programs to help our students learn and to achieve their greatest potential.

Every Salem Montessori School classroom is led by a Montessori-trained teacher – either trained with the American Montessori Society or the Montessori Society Internationale.

Our programs are partly inspired by the educational philosophy developed in the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, which we believe can enhance a strong Montessori program.

Toddler Class

The Toddler Program is designed to meet the specific developmental needs of toddlers. Children are provided a supportive, nurturing environment in which their individual strengths and interests are allowed to develop and flourish. In doing this, we strive to encourage the children’s natural curiosity and set the foundations of a lifelong love of learning.

Toddlers may be enrolled for either two, three, or five days a week in the 9 am-12 pm session and may stay for Lunch Bunch from Noon-1 p.m.


Introduction of various art mediums for free expression and creation.

Care of the Environment

Children learn how to take care of their environment with child-size sweepers, mops, cloths to clean up spills.


Teachers expose children to all kinds of rich oral language and materials designed to give them the tools for developing and practicing writing and reading.

Gross Motor

Toddlers need to move is met with gross motor apparatus within the classroom that can be used at any time during the work cycle.


Refinement of fine motor skills and problem solving are developed through interaction with manipulative materials.

Peace and Cultural Awareness

Teaching acceptance of one another, compassion, social skills, overcoming conflicts, empathy and diversity.

Practical Life

Building life skills that can be applied in the home


Introduces a particular physical quality perceived by the senses, and used to describe and categorize the world, such as color, dimension, and weight.


Toddlers become aware of their bodies throughout their time in the classroom and this includes learning how to use the toilet.

Salem Montessori – Programs-Toddler November 10, 2020