The Salem Montessori School Infant and Caregiver classes encourage babies to be attentive, active, curious and aware. Designed to encourage children to become authentic and responsible from an early age, Infant- Caregiver classes help adults to be confident in their supportive role towards this great discovery.

Facilitated by a Montessori and RIE certified leader, small groups of caregivers and babies come together in a relaxing, infant-friendly environment to observe and learn in the infants’ unfolding development and play.

The class is held one day a week for an hour. During this time, the role of the caregiver is to observe their child working in a Montessori environment. Caregivers work side by side with a trained guide to help support their child’s natural development and are cued on how to observe their children daily.  During class, we will discuss observations and any questions that arise with the Montessori guides and other parents. We will also have group discussions on topics pertaining specifically to the young child; some of those topics will include:

  • Development of Language
  • Development of Movement
  • Development of Independence
  • Nutrition and First foods
  • Toilet Learning
  • Positive Guidance
  • Healthy sleep routines
  • The hand as the instrument of the brain
  • Positive attachments
  • Preparing the home environment