Wickramasuriya/Parham January Newsletter

As we leave 2018 behind and eagerly take on the new year, we are very excited to carefully guide and facilitate the growth & development of your little ones. In this coming term, we will be reinforcing already acquired skills while also taking on new & unique

Happy Holidays!

The teachers and staff at SMS have a long list of what we are grateful for this holiday. In addition to our thanks for our holiday gifts; we give thanks for the parent volunteers who helped with the 3-6 Christmas play and toddler bird seed wreaths; to

Wickramasuriya November Newsletter

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holidays and had a great time being together with your families. The month of November has been very fun but also very busy! Before the break, most of you all had the wonderful opportunity of observing and working with your children

Wickramasuriya October Newsletter

As the leaves fall and the season of color starts, we are bravely embracing the colder weather and all that it brings! We think of October as the time of year when the school year is officially in full swing. The children are now well settled into

Wickramasuriya September Newsletter

Hope you all are doing well! It has been great a first month back with all of your little ones! To recap on the past month, we began our year by settling the students into the Montessori environment by implementing normalization practices. Normalization, in the Montessori method,