Transitional Toddler ClassThe Older Toddler Program at Salem Montessori is designed to meet the specific developmental needs of the 24-to-36-month-old child. The classroom is full of materials to support the toddler’s developing fine and gross motor skills, practical life skills, language and independence.  It also provides ample opportunities to acquire and practice the skills needed to be a member of a community – primarily, respect for the environment, respect for self, and respect for others.

In the Older Toddler Program, children are provided a supportive, nurturing environment in which their individual strengths and interests are allowed to develop and flourish.  In doing this, we strive to encourage the children’s natural curiosity and set the foundations of a lifelong love of learning.

The toddlers may be enrolled for either two, three, or five days a week in the 9:00-12:00 PM session and may stay for lunch bunch 12:00- 1:00 PM.