Beginning on Monday, January 21, the City of Winston-Salem will begin a sewer replacement project behind the church. This work is projected to take about two weeks, hopefully ending around February 1. This project will greatly impact our drop-off and pick-up practices. We will not be able to use the car line for 3-6 drop-off and we will not be able to park in front of the brick wall. Instead, everyone will have to park in the larger parking lot across from the Fine Arts Center and walk the children to the building.

The parents and caregivers of the 3-6 children will walk the children to the brick seating area, where the teachers will be waiting. The work will take place in two phases, each requiring a different pedestrian path. During each phase, the path will be clearly marked. The city is aware of the inconvenience this project will cause us and has promised to do all they can to make the changes as easy as possible.

I’m sure that it will take a few days to get used to this. Please let me know if you have any questions. I suppose that the only thing worse than a change in parking is a broken sewer, so we will grudgingly go along with the plan. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation.