Teaching Children to Respect Personal Boundaries by Asserting Our Own by Janet Lansbury

The short month of February flew by with a slew of activity in the classroom. We’ve been talking about feelings, emotions and parts of the bodies. We’ve surrounded ourselves with hearts of different colors, sizes and materials. In the practical life area, we have small, three-dimensional red jewels that are scooped out of a clear bowl of water with a strainer and transferred to an empty bowl, and sorting with pink and red pom poms and with red hearts. In our art area, we have added brown Play-Doh that children are using with tiny metal cookie cutters shaped like hears and we have purple and pink crayons out. In our sensory bin, children are using magnetic wands to discover magnetic items hidden among non-magnetic items. All of these fine motor works strengthen the hand for writing, and help to develop eye-hand coordination and concentration. 

In our language area we have been working on identifying and matching colors this month using colored hearts. This is a popular activity in the classroom, and many children crowd around to do this work together. Many children are also very interested in working on counting skills, so we count how many heart stickers we have of each color. We have put out many new small puzzles and card-to-picture matching. The children differentiate between the pictures shown on the wooden pieces of the puzzles to decide which pieces go together to complete each puzzle.

We are continuing to work with the children on identifying emotions and how to handle them. We practice taking deep breaths to help us calm down when we begin to feel a strong emotion, and we notice how much better our bodies feel when we do this. The children really are starting to work together. Working closely with another person, or several people,  means collaboration skills are a must. When there is a conflict, teachers are close by to help give assistance when needed.

Next month we hope to plant seeds in the classroom that later will be transplanted to our small garden outside. To go with the seed planting, we will be learning more about how plants grow, and about the birds we see outside.

A big Thank you to parents who have already come in to read to the class. The children have loved crowding around our readers to listen. There are more spots available: http://signup.com/go/eqNPwRv.

“Since it is through movement that the will realizes itself, we should assist a child in his attempts to put his will into act.”

– Maria Montessori