Our mornings on the grassy hill are just long enough to get our wiggles out before we head inside, then we end our day on the playground for more fun outside. Stepping into our room, it is easy to see we’ve been focusing on flowers and bugs during the month of April. We have been enjoying many books on bugs, flowers and animals. To go with this theme, we’ve added eggs made from many different materials to coincide with the colored eggs many children joyfully search for during the Easter holiday. We have realistic-looking eggs that have that make sounds when you shake them. We encourage the children to listen quietly to see if the egg has a loud or a soft sound, and then find the egg with the matching sound. We have tiny pink eggs and blue eggs that we use for color-sorting, to help children learn to differentiate between colors. We have eggs of all colors, size and weights in our kitchen area. While the children like to point out the differences in the eggs, they really love to pretend they are cracking, cooking, and then serving the eggs to each other.

We have puzzles to match the season as well, including challenging layered puzzles, one that shows the different stages of a sunflower’s growth, one of a chick’s growth from shell to hatchling, and one showing a plant’s growth from a seed. We have small, soft finger puppets of fluffy white lambs and little brown bunnies that the children use to make up stories with each other. Most of the children are now partnering with one or more other children to act out storylines that they’ve seen in movies or that they make up together. We see the children take care of our baby doll and each other with our doctor kit. The children relish changing the babydoll’s diaper and feeding her a bottle of milk, something many of our children are seeing their parents do at home right now (or will see in a few months) with their younger siblings.

It’s so wonderful to see how much the children have grown this year. They are taller for sure! We see them getting materials out, and then (mostly) putting them away without reminders. We’ve also been able to witness many of acts of kindness in the classroom, and it’s so heartwarming to see children offering to open things that another child is unable to open, or picking up things that another child has dropped on the floor. We’ve seen children patting the back of a child who’s crying, asking them if they are OK. We’ve see them offering to help put on a shoe that a younger toddler has lost. I hope you are as proud of your young ones are we are. They are lovely humans, and we’re so grateful to be able to spend this time with them.

For our final month together, we’ll be working with construction and all types of vehicles.

Betty and Erica