It’s hard to believe we just have about 4 more weeks of school, and yet we still have so much to explore and do!  Flower arrangements fill our classroom with the sights and smells of the spring season, thanks to our flower arranging work in practical life.  This activity is so engaging for the children and includes so many important skills that are practiced and refined.  First the child must collect water in a small pitcher and pour it into their selected vase.  As they choose and trim their flowers, they learn that the stems must be long enough to reach the water in the vase, so they estimate the proper length for the stems before using scissors to cut them. Once the child is satisfied with their creation, they choose the perfect spot for it around the classroom.  The children are so proud of their arrangements and they love to point them out to classmates throughout the week. Coinciding with this activity, we have also been learning parts of the flower.  Many children have been making books of the parts of the flower.  

As you know, we have been learning about all kinds of animals throughout the year.  We have studied characteristics of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects.  During this last month we will be studying birds.  We’ve brainstormed the characteristics of birds such as: having feathers and wings, laying eggs, making nests, and many fly.  Children have also been making booklets with the various kinds of bird beaks and feet.

We are also embarking on a study of the layers of earth and rocks.  Of course, this also includes a study of volcanoes!  We will learn about the parts of the volcano and what causes volcanoes to erupt.   The children have embraced the role of geologist with a small gem mining activity.  Students use a small hammer and chisel to unearth small gems in a brick of clay.  We will learn about the various types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic and have collections of each type of rock for the children to study.  

While we still have so many new activities being introduced, we also notice the culmination of abilities and knowledge as the children are thriving and engaging in the more complex and challenging works in the classroom.  Children are concentrating for extended periods and completing longer activities, and best of all, throughout this they exude a feeling of great accomplishment and pride.  A sweet and most perfect ending to our year.