Hastings April Newsletter

Our mornings on the grassy hill are just long enough to get our wiggles out before we head inside, then we end our day on the playground for more fun outside. Stepping into our room, it is easy to see we’ve been focusing on flowers and bugs

Hastings March Newsletter

Welcome to spring! It’s wonderful to see all of the changes are happening outside right now. During this time of change outside, we notice change inside the classroom as well. The works that the children are choosing are more challenging. It’s great to hear the children say

Hastings February Newsletter

Teaching Children to Respect Personal Boundaries by Asserting Our Own by Janet Lansbury The short month of February flew by with a slew of activity in the classroom. We’ve been talking about feelings, emotions and parts of the bodies. We’ve surrounded ourselves with hearts of different colors,

Hastings January Newsletter

Welcome back, and Happy New Year! For this newsletter, I asked what you wanted me to touch on and you overwhelmingly said “whining“. Children using whining as a way to communicate when they are tired, frustrated, or overwhelmed, and they continue to use it when it works

Happy Holidays!

The teachers and staff at SMS have a long list of what we are grateful for this holiday. In addition to our thanks for our holiday gifts; we give thanks for the parent volunteers who helped with the 3-6 Christmas play and toddler bird seed wreaths; to

Hastings November Newsletter

Click here for Christmas gift ideas that encourage child-directed play! 5 Tips for Drop off & Pick up Drop off: 1. Walk with your child to their hook to hang up their items. 2. As you have time, let your child take off their shoes, offering help

Hastings October Newsletter

Parents corner: Parents often ask, “How do you get the children to clean up?” In the Montessori classroom we start by modeling what we want the children to do. We model how to clean up after ourselves, how to get works ready for the next person and

Hastings September Newsletter

We are hoping to be on the playground for pickup next month.Please help your child be independent and dress them in clothes they can quickly and easily remove: – No zips, snaps or buttons – No overalls, onesies – Pull on or elastic waist pants – Shirts

Welcome to the Older Toddler Classroom

(This is a copy of an email you should have received.  Please contact me if you did not.) Dear Parents, I am so happy to be your child’s teacher excited to meet and greet our new and returning students. By Wednesday, August 15th, please email me an up-close