Greene/Kurosawa April Newsletter

As we reach the end of April, it feels like Spring has come with a sprinkling of Summer already.  We begin our days on the cool grassy hill and end on the playground. The time of the grassy hill is just long enough to get the wiggles

Greene/Kurosawa March Newsletter

Early in March, teeny, tiny caterpillars arrived in our classroom.  We have watched them grow into longer, fatter caterpillars. Last week the caterpillars turned into chrysalises and now rest in our butterfly house awaiting transformation.  We have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and using felt cut

Greene/Kurosawa February Newsletter

Establishing lasting peace is the work of education.  – Maria Montessori The Montessori environment is the foundation for supporting learning.  Recently, we have been changing the environment to accommodate the children’s growth.  The learning tower has been replaced with a ball box which allows them to still

Greene/Kurosawa January Newsletter

We welcomed two new students to the classroom this month and it was heartwarming to watch the returning students offer comfort to our new friends as they adjusted to a new school.  One student brought tissues to the crying boys and another gently touched one of the

Happy Holidays!

The teachers and staff at SMS have a long list of what we are grateful for this holiday. In addition to our thanks for our holiday gifts; we give thanks for the parent volunteers who helped with the 3-6 Christmas play and toddler bird seed wreaths; to

Greene/Kurosawa November Newsletter

Has your child starting using the toilet?  If so please let us know and, if you are able, take your child to one of our school restrooms before school starts in the morning. Cold weather is coming and we plan to go outside as long as the

Greene/Kurosawa October Newsletters

“Nothing comes to the intellect that is not first in the senses.” The Secret of Childhood, Maria Montessori A cornerstone of Montessori education is engaging all the senses for learning.  The children experienced heavy and light by picking up, or trying to pick up, a large heavy pumpkin

Greene/Kurosawa September Newsletter

You may see photos of the children with red plastic object in their mouths. These mouth works are specific to each child and allow the child to teeth safely. When we see a child put something in his or her mouth we let the child know the

Welcome Younger Toddler Families

(This is a copy of an email you should have received.  Please contact me if you did not.) August 2, 2018 Welcome to Salem Montessori School’s Younger Toddler Class! We are eager to meet you and look forward to forming a partnership with you in caring for