Feus April Newsletter

It’s hard to believe we just have about 4 more weeks of school, and yet we still have so much to explore and do!  Flower arrangements fill our classroom with the sights and smells of the spring season, thanks to our flower arranging work in practical life. 

Feus March Newsletter

Spring has arrived and we have welcomed the season with our study of insects and more specifically, butterflies and hornworms.  We received live Painted Lady caterpillars and hornworms and have been eagerly watching them grow and change.  The children were delighted to see each caterpillar climbing to

Feus February Newsletter

We’ve shown a lot of creativity and kindness during the month of February.  In recognition of Valentine’s Day, the children worked hard at creating unique valentines to pass out to fellow classmates during our valentine celebration.  We discussed how Valentine’s Day is a day when we recognize

Feus January Newsletter

Thanks to your generous contributions ot the SMS Annual Fund, the staff at SMS is able to engage in meaningful staff development opportunities throughout the year and during our monthly staff meetings.  In January’s staff meeting we were joined by former SMS parent, Dr. Lucretia Berry.  Dr.

Happy Holidays!

The teachers and staff at SMS have a long list of what we are grateful for this holiday. In addition to our thanks for our holiday gifts; we give thanks for the parent volunteers who helped with the 3-6 Christmas play and toddler bird seed wreaths; to

Feus November Newsletter

The month of November has been full of fall-inspired activities.  In our practical life area, we had a very large pumpkin used for pumpkin hammering.  With a wooden hammer and golf tees, the children hammered tees into the pumpkin and then used pliers to remove the tees

Feus October Newsletter

With the start of the fall, we have introduced many new activities that highlight the various elements of the fall season. In science we have been studying plants and trees. We have cards that demonstrate the different parts of the leaf, tree, and root. We conducted our

Feus September Newsletter

SONGS Alligator Pie Alligator, alligator, alligator pie. If I don’t get some, I think I’m gonna cry! You can take away the green grass, Take away the sky, But please don’t take away my alligator pie! Continent Song Tell me the continents, tell me the continents, Tell