The Explorers program is designed for children in their second or third year in Children’s House. To join Explorers, a child must be 4 by the start of school and have had a year of Montessori.

Having a smaller group of just older children allows for more advanced, age-appropriate exploration of each of the Montessori areas. This setting also allows for reading long chapter books out loud, taking walks around the Old Salem, as well as eagerly exploring reading, writing, mathematical calculations, geography, science and art.

Explorers may be enrolled for either three, or five days a week in the 9:00 am-12:00 pm session. They stay at school until 1:00 pm and use this time to have lunch and then delve deeper into Montessori materials and complete special projects.

Explorers Tuition

Explorers (4 years by August 31):

Program Annual Tuition 12 Payments
5-Day $1,561 added to annual tuition $130.09 added to monthly payments
3-Day $1,040 added to annual tuition $86.67 added to monthly payments
“I can’t imagine how life is going to change for her (and me!) as she moves on to Kindergarten at a new school. I am excited and anxious for her at the same time! However, I find peace in the knowledge that she has been given the greatest gifts at SMS. She has been loved, she has been taught grace and respect for herself and her world, and she has been given the freedom to build her own foundation for a lifetime of learning. It has been amazing to watch her blossom in an environment that every child deserves, but few experience. Thank you thank you thank you for all you do for our little ones!” — Parent of 5-year-old
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“Thank you for creating an environment that gave my daughter such a strong and beautiful foundation. I am confident that the skills she learned at Salem Montessori School – a passion for learning, the rewards of knowledge, the wonder of discovery – will serve her for her entire life.” — Parent of 5-year-old
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“The environment at Salem Montessori School is warm, joyful, unprejudiced, welcoming, loving, caring, inclusive, fun, and challenging. Every day I am at the school I can feel the positive energy that the school and its community exudes. There is communal respect and genuine kindness. It feels like a home away from home.” — Parent of 4-year-old and 18-month-old
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