“I can’t imagine how life is going to change for her (and me!) as she moves on to Kindergarten at a new school.  I am excited and anxious for her at the same time!  However, I find peace in the knowledge that she has been given the greatest gifts at SMS.  She has been loved, she has been taught grace and respect for herself and her world, and she has been given the freedom to build her own foundation for a lifetime of learning.  It has been amazing to watch her blossom in an environment that every child deserves, but few experience. Thank you thank you thank you for all you do for our little ones!”
— Parent of 5-year-old


“Thank you for creating an environment that gave my daughter such a strong and beautiful foundation.  I am confident that the skills she learned at Salem Montessori School – a passion for learning, the rewards of knowledge, the wonder of discovery – will serve her for her entire life.”
— Parent of 5-year-old


“The environment at Salem Montessori School is warm, joyful, unprejudiced, welcoming, loving, caring, inclusive, fun, and challenging.  Every day I am at the school I can feel the positive energy that the school and its community exudes.  There is communal respect and genuine kindness.  It feels like a home away from home.”
— Parent of 4-year-old and 18-month-old


“Stepping into the classrooms at Salem Montessori, I am assured that her parents chose an ideal place for my granddaughter to begin her education “outside the home.”  Light streams in through the large old windows illuminating spaces that are simply and invitingly arranged. Beautiful materials invite young hands and eyes to touch, engage, explore, and discover. Caring and attentive teachers guide the children toward successful interactions with their peers. “Work” is challenging and intrinsically rewarding. The Montessori gardening spaces and Salem’s beautiful grounds allow the children meaningful interaction with the natural world outside. Music and song seal the calm with which a good morning closes and returning to home begins.”
— Grandparent of 3-year-old


“There is a sweetness, an innocence, a sense of safety that envelope the children at Salem Montessori School.  My son has been loved and nurtured, unconditionally and joyfully, and I know in my heart that he would be a different person if he had not attended SMS.”
— Parent of 5-year-old


“I can’t think of a more wonderful educational foundation than the one my daughter received at your amazing school.  It is truly a “kinder garden” that nurtures and grows each child.”
— Parent of former student