about-usA Montessori environment for 3-to-6-year-olds is designed to entice children to activity. Each carefully prepared material is considered a “motive for activity,” through which a child develops confidence, self-esteem, and consideration for others, as well as basic cognitive understandings.

The mixed-age primary classrooms contain children ranging in age from 3 by August 30th, to 6 years of age.

The Montessori 3 to 6 environment is divided into five areas of work:

Practical Life, which is filled with activities designed to help young children learn how to successfully manage their environment. These activities include care of self (shoe polishing, zipping, buttoning), care of the environment (dusting, scrubbing, sweeping, mopping), food preparation, and gardening.

The Sensorial Area, which contains carefully designed materials each of which introduces a particular physical quality perceived by the senses, and used to describe and categorize the world, such as color, dimension, and weight.

The Language Area, which capitalizes on young children’s natural sensitivity to the human language which surrounds them. Teachers expose children to all kinds of rich oral language, as well as introducing them to materials designed to give them the tools for developing and practicing writing and reading.

The Math Area, which is filled with materials which give children years of practice working with concrete manifestations of abstract mathematical concepts, such as linear counting, the decimal system, geometric shapes, and mathematical functions. The math materials build on the child’s experience in the Sensorial Area.

The Cultural Subjects, which include art, history, geography, music and science.