Parent Involvement

parents-page2Because parents are the child’s first and most influential teachers, they are an integral part of the child’s school experience. The school is an extension of the home.

Salem Montessori School seeks to involve parents in the following ways:

  • Observation of the classroom, After the children have settled into the classroom routine, parents are invited to make an appointment to observe. Talking with the head teacher after the observation can help to answer questions and expand the parent’s understanding of the Montessori classroom.
  • Parent Education, Several parent education sessions are scheduled during the school year. These are designed to inform and enhance parent’s understanding of the Montessori approach. Topics may include Montessori philosophy, curriculum areas, discipline, and bringing the Montessori practices into the home. Parent discussion groups, facilitated by staff or trained professionals, may be formed at the request of the parents to address topics of interest. A Parent Bookshelf is located in the hallway. Books and videos about Montessori education are available for check-out, as well as books on parenting and child development. Books may be signed out and borrowed for two weeks.
  • Volunteer opportunities, Parents bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and talents to the school. We need and encourage your participation through such activities as:
    • Assisting in the classroom for special projects
    • Sharing talents or hobbies such as cooking, art, music, drama, storytelling, woodworking, gardening
    • Sharing cultural and travel experiences
    • Assisting in planning special events
    • Driving on field trips
    • Making educational materials
    • Word-processing and other administrative tasks
    • Fundraising

You will be asked to fill out a Parent Involvement Opportunities form so that we will know which skill, hobbies, or activities you would like to share.